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Cost effective and dependable cloud

Use AOD-Cloud's managed services to run your business efficiently and securely on a fully integrated and managed set of cloud services from AOD-Cloud, Microsoft, Amazon and others. Our integrated approach delivers a simple and easy-to-grow business technology environment.


When modernising business IT, valuable apps that are not cloud-enabled can hold back progress. AOD Apps is the fastest and most secure way to deliver these apps to your team anywhere in the world. See how AOD Apps helps growing businesses accelerate their cloud transformation.

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A modern business technology stack depends on a multitude of cloud services as well as on-prem systems.

AOD-Cloud has the experience and expertise to bring these pieces together into a cohesive and cost-effective solution that is agile and delivers to your business.


If your IT team is busy with managing the operations of your systems, it will not be able to move your business forward with new technologies.

AOD-Cloud's experienced ops team can help ease the burden by managing the day-to-day operations of your current systems and implementing processes and automation to add efficiency and consistency.

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We've helped dozens of growing businesses accelerate their cloud journey by cloud-enabling their pre-existing mission-critical apps.


Let our knowledgeable team show you the how our integrated approach can deliver your business a simple, easy-to-grow and efficient business technology environment.

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