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AOD Apps is the fastest and most secure way to deliver these apps to your team anywhere in the world. See how AOD Apps helps growing businesses accelerate their cloud transformation.

  • With AOD Apps, any existing business apps are securely accessible from any Windows or Mac, iPad or tablet from anywhere in the world.

  • What’s more, our industry-leading infrastructure and practices mean you’ll experience faster and more reliable applications than ever before.

  • AOD Apps turns any business app into a true cloud service. With all data management, backups, maintenance and upgrades taken care of.

Mac Desktop


With an exclusive focus on business-grade cloud systems, AOD Apps is able to cloud host your business’ most demanding and critical applications. That’s why leading businesses around the world - from growing public companies to established not-for-profit organisations - trust AOD Apps with their most valuable software assets.

No need to upgrade or redevelop

Your existing business apps can move into AOD Apps with no costly modifications or development changes

Know your IT costs upfront

AOD Apps turns complex but valuable software assets into a consistent and easy-to-calculate monthly use service

Seamless application migration

AOD Apps is not your typical infrastructure cloud. AOD Apps automates and manages all your servers, systems, infrastructure, security, patches and maintenance for you, so you can take care of business.


AOD Apps are web apps

Rather than simply moving a server into the cloud, AOD Apps transforms the entire business app into a secure web accessible service. No complex VPNs or client software to load - your staff can just browse to the app from anywhere

Secure by design

Protecting your apps with multi-factor authentication and conditional access is easy. Data does not leave the cloud keeping your most valuable assets secure and protected

Fully managed, simple billing

Cloud enabled business apps are end-to-end fully managed by AOD Apps. There are no additional costs to maintain, upgrade or support them - ever

Office of a web design company

We've helped dozens of growing businesses accelerate their cloud journey by cloud-enabling their pre-existing but mission-critical apps.


Chat to us about your business-critical apps, our knowledgable team will be able to quickly let you know how AOD Apps can work with your business-critical app.



Not all great applications were born in the cloud. Many businesses struggle with modernising their IT services due to the applications they depend on and the valuable data that are not native to the cloud.


AOD-Apps provides a secure, cost-effective and proven path to cloud-enabling these applications, turning them into a simple and dependable cloud service staff can access for a fixed monthly cost.

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